This little ball of fluff is Mochi the Samoyed! After suddenly and unexpectedly losing our 2 year-old Samoyed at the beginning of December 2018, we were left completely devastated. We found Jindo Loves Rescue by chance, and were immediately drawn to the way they treated us during a period of extreme grief and anxiety. Not only did the incredible JLR women send us consistent photo and video updates from his foster mom in Korea, they also sent us hourly updates when he was on his way from Korea to the US! We picked Mochi up on Christmas Eve at the JFK airport, and he arrived healthy and happy, with a spacious crate that had access to water, warm blankets, and wearing a cute little vest.

Mochi has filled our home with laughter and love, and our other dog Banksy has already become the sweetest big brother. Our vet had never seen such thorough health records from a rescue-overseas or in states-, and Mochi left with a complete clean bill of health! We are so incredibly happy, and will definitely be rescuing from Jindo Loves Rescue again.




If a perfect dog exists in the world, it is Honeydew. I knew she was special the moment I met her at the airport. The other pups that came on that flight all soiled their crates (which is to be expected, especially on such a long flight). When I opened Honeydew’s crate, I was surprised to see it was spotless inside. She was a little shy at first, huddling in the back of the crate. Then I said “it’s ok” and she slowly walked into my arms as if she put all her trust in me. I immediately took her outside to go potty and she peed for like 2 mins and created a huge lake in the parking lot. When we got home, things did not get easier for her. I already had a stubborn bulldog son at home who didn’t want to share toys, my time or lap to sit on. But she remained patient, quietly waiting her turn and showering us all with unconditional love. She’s smart (learned sit and down in less than a day!) She’s intuitive (gives me a hug (literally) when I feel upset). I’m so thankful she’s part of my family. 

The amazing part of this story is how I even found Honeydew. I first found out about Jindo Love because one of my good friends shared a picture of adoptable pups with me on Facebook. He wanted to adopt a puppy but asked for my opinion on whether I think Jindo Love is a real group because you have to send money via PayPal in good faith. I checked out the page and it seemed legit so I told him my opinion. While I was looking through the Jindo Love page, I read the stories on there and felt compelled to reach out to them to adopt a dog. I was not looking for a dog at the time as I already had my bulldog at home but the more I talked to Patti and Su, I realized this is where my next pup will be coming from. When I heard news of Jindo Love needing homes for 30-40 puppies following a really large rescue from a dog meat farm, I felt it was time to adopt a new family member. Knowing my bulldog’s personality, rather than picking a pup based on looks (although all cute!), I asked Patti and Su to pick one out for me based on personality. The only requirement was that she’s female. How amazing is it that the one they picked out for me was the perfect one.




​We adopted Pearl in May 2017. She was rescued from a slaughter house, along with her 7 siblings and mama.  When she arrived in New York, accompanied by a wonderful courier, she had a diaper on for travel, a water bottle attached to her travel carrier. She was shy, and probably filled with hope for a kind home in America. She joined our family and has been the most loyal and smart pup I have ever encountered. She has two other sisters and one brother, and has definitely chosen Dad as her human. 

​Our experience with Jindo Love was unparalleled in their care of our Pearl girl. They had sent us a video of Pearl, while still in Korea, and asked us to name her. Her coloring reminded me of a pearl, albeit her name. She continually shows her love in many ways, expresses her wants in easily read messages, and is so loyal. I can’t imagine our lives without her in it. She is a true blessing.




​I got my first puppy (Troy) from the US in the summer of 2018, but as he grew older it was clear that he LOVED other dogs. This made me determined to get a companion for him and this is where Jindo Love stepped in. I followed their Facebook page for a while, when I saw a listing of a puppy I was interested in. The lovely girls at Jindo Love read through my application and got to learn a little bit about Troy, and recommended that I consider Miso as they believed he would be a good fit for him. Miso was rescued from a slaughterhouse when he was only a few months old. Fast forward a few more months and he is now living happily with myself and Troy here in sunny California! 




I adopted Gunner at the end of May 2018. Gunner suffered 2 years of abuse and neglect in South Korea. As a result, he’s very “scarred” – extremely anxious, fearful, and reactive. It’s been a tough journey but Jindo Love has been there EVERY step of the way. They’ve never stopped listening or supporting me. Their support saved me.




My wife and I saw Flint’s adoption posting during March of 2018. One look at the pic and we fell in love immediately. We wrote in, completed the necessary paperwork, interview and background check and soon thereafter Flint was on his way. On April 16th 2018, we picked Flint up at JFK Airport.  We opened the crate and Flint quickly walked up to my wife and started licking her face!

To this day, he’s an affectionate licker!  He loves his Jindo sister (Sammy) and they love their runs on the beach and around town. We are grateful to everyone at Jindo Love for bringing Flint into our family!  Su Jeong Kim (Jindo Love) and Patti Kim (Jindo Love Family) are upstanding, caring, dedicated and needed force in this complex world.  What they do and who they are is proof there is goodness in humanity!

-Carmine & Young



When we first adopted Gracie April 2017, she had nightmares. I don’t know what they were about, but she often woke herself up from all of the kicking, yelping, and growling. A few times she woke up like she was being attacked. At least once a month she woke up barking too, and even peed herself several during her nightmares. We would immediately comfort her and my husband would carry her into bed with us (not easy LOL – she’s really big!). Anything to help her feel safe. We would hold her and she would whimper and wag her tail at us as if she was thankful for her new safe home. I often cried for her, because I really didn’t know what had happened in the months and year or so before Jindo Love and us. 

Now, Gracie snores and farts LOUDLY  while she sleeps on her side or back.  She nuzzles us in the morning and yawns REALLY LOUDLY with a howl, wiggles all over, rolls on her back and wags her tail so much every morning.  It took about a year, but she wakes up joyful, confident and happy now! For the first time ever, I just saw her wagging her tail in her sleep early this morning and it made me so happy that her dreams were finally HAPPY DREAMS! She had a smile too! Now, she’s perfectly behaved, and enjoys every minute. Everyone who meets her agrees- she truly loves life!! Thank you Jindo Love for your kindness and for saving these dogs and puppies! They thank you in many ways, and so do we!




Romeo was adopted in November 2018 and came to us in December 2018. He was abandoned at a campsite and brought to a kill shelter. Even though this was my first time adopting from Jindo Love, I’ve known them since 2015.  I know for a fact that they truly dedicate their lives in rescuing and finding good homes for the dogs. The love they have for them is beyond words. I am very blessed and grateful to have known such a  wonderful rescue group.




We Adopted Keopi In September 2018 and She arrived into LAX on October 12, 2018. She had been rescued from the back of a truck in a kennel with 5 other dogs on the way to the meat market. Jindo Love rescued her, and shortly thereafter, we adopted her. She received her vaccinations, was spayed, checked for heartworm and tick diseases, and cleared for transport to myself and my husband for pick up at LAX.
She has been a work in progress as she is afraid of men, but has bonded with me so far and my husband loves her and is being very patient and loving towards her when she lets him. She loves eating which is great as she needs to gain weight. Based on her size, she was definitely stunted from her poor treatment at the hands of the meat trade, but she is coming out of her shell and has truly bonded with our pups at home. Keopi is well loved and in a much better place thanks to Jindo Love Rescue. She’s just over a year of age, and otherwise, very healthy besides thin. She’s already gained 1.5 lbs, several more to go! We love her. Thank you Jindo Love!




When Mickey was two months old, he was rescued from a slaughter house by Jindo Love along with 44 other dogs. Jindo Love fostered him until his was adopted October 3 2017.




Grace was rescued initially when she was a pup, but unfortunately her owner a year later passed away. She was sad for weeks and didn’t want to eat, and therefore lost a lot of weight. She was found again by Jindo Love, who previously rescued her, and contacted us to foster her. We worked hard to make her feel loved again and nursed her back to health. They as they say, we “failed” as fosters since we adopted her as own own after fostering her. She is happy and healthy now, and it goes to show how Jindo Love cares for all of their dogs. ​We love Grace dearly and she has changed our lives for the better. Her struggles don’t even compare to what anyone should ever go through.



Maya & Reese

Maya was adopted in May and arrived in June 2016, and Reese was adopted a year later. Both of them were rescued by Jindo Love from a high-kill shelter.  




Juno was adopted in September 2018 after being rescued from a slaughter house in South Korea. She is the sweetest dog I have ever owned. In the short time that I have had her, I cannot imagine my life without her. It’s really a unique experience getting a Jindo from South Korea. It’s a breed that not a lot of people in the US have much knowledge about, so it’s great to have a community to support you along the way. The first few months have been challenging for Juno, as she had some health issues and she still struggles with being alone, but the support that we received from the staff and fellow adopters has been very helpful.
​Everyone just lights up when they see her, and I would not replace her for the world. I’m hoping we can train her to become a certified therapy dog in the future.




Brady was adopted in June 2016. I drove to JFK Airport in New York to get him. I love him to the moon and back. Thank you to everyone at Jindo Love, specifically Patty Kim and Heather Pastore for all your help!