Carmine & Young


My wife and I saw Flint’s adoption posting during March of 2018. One look at the pic and we fell in love immediately. We wrote in, completed the necessary paperwork, interview and background check and soon thereafter Flint was on his way. On April 16th 2018, we picked Flint up at JFK Airport.  We opened the crate and Flint quickly walked up to my wife and started licking her face!

To this day, he’s an affectionate licker!  He loves his Jindo sister (Sammy) and they love their runs on the beach and around town. We are grateful to everyone at Jindo Love for bringing Flint into our family!  Su Jeong Kim (Jindo Love) and Patti Kim (Jindo Love Family) are upstanding, caring, dedicated and needed force in this complex world.  What they do and who they are is proof there is goodness in humanity!