When we first adopted Gracie April 2017, she had nightmares. I don’t know what they were about, but she often woke herself up from all of the kicking, yelping, and growling. A few times she woke up like she was being attacked. At least once a month she woke up barking too, and even peed herself several during her nightmares. We would immediately comfort her and my husband would carry her into bed with us (not easy LOL – she’s really big!). Anything to help her feel safe. We would hold her and she would whimper and wag her tail at us as if she was thankful for her new safe home. I often cried for her, because I really didn’t know what had happened in the months and year or so before Jindo Love and us. 

Now, Gracie snores and farts LOUDLY  while she sleeps on her side or back.  She nuzzles us in the morning and yawns REALLY LOUDLY with a howl, wiggles all over, rolls on her back and wags her tail so much every morning.  It took about a year, but she wakes up joyful, confident and happy now! For the first time ever, I just saw her wagging her tail in her sleep early this morning and it made me so happy that her dreams were finally HAPPY DREAMS! She had a smile too! Now, she’s perfectly behaved, and enjoys every minute. Everyone who meets her agrees- she truly loves life!! Thank you Jindo Love for your kindness and for saving these dogs and puppies! They thank you in many ways, and so do we!