If a perfect dog exists in the world, it is Honeydew. I knew she was special the moment I met her at the airport. The other pups that came on that flight all soiled their crates (which is to be expected, especially on such a long flight). When I opened Honeydew’s crate, I was surprised to see it was spotless inside. She was a little shy at first, huddling in the back of the crate. Then I said “it’s ok” and she slowly walked into my arms as if she put all her trust in me. I immediately took her outside to go potty and she peed for like 2 mins and created a huge lake in the parking lot. When we got home, things did not get easier for her. I already had a stubborn bulldog son at home who didn’t want to share toys, my time or lap to sit on. But she remained patient, quietly waiting her turn and showering us all with unconditional love. She’s smart (learned sit and down in less than a day!) She’s intuitive (gives me a hug (literally) when I feel upset). I’m so thankful she’s part of my family. 

The amazing part of this story is how I even found Honeydew. I first found out about Jindo Love because one of my good friends shared a picture of adoptable pups with me on Facebook. He wanted to adopt a puppy but asked for my opinion on whether I think Jindo Love is a real group because you have to send money via PayPal in good faith. I checked out the page and it seemed legit so I told him my opinion. While I was looking through the Jindo Love page, I read the stories on there and felt compelled to reach out to them to adopt a dog. I was not looking for a dog at the time as I already had my bulldog at home but the more I talked to Patti and Su, I realized this is where my next pup will be coming from. When I heard news of Jindo Love needing homes for 30-40 puppies following a really large rescue from a dog meat farm, I felt it was time to adopt a new family member. Knowing my bulldog’s personality, rather than picking a pup based on looks (although all cute!), I asked Patti and Su to pick one out for me based on personality. The only requirement was that she’s female. How amazing is it that the one they picked out for me was the perfect one.