We Adopted Keopi In September 2018 and She arrived into LAX on October 12, 2018. She had been rescued from the back of a truck in a kennel with 5 other dogs on the way to the meat market. Jindo Love rescued her, and shortly thereafter, we adopted her. She received her vaccinations, was spayed, checked for heartworm and tick diseases, and cleared for transport to myself and my husband for pick up at LAX. She has been a work in progress as she is afraid of men, but has bonded with me so far and my husband loves her and is being very patient and loving towards her when she lets him. She loves eating which is great as she needs to gain weight. Based on her size, she was definitely stunted from her poor treatment at the hands of the meat trade, but she is coming out of her shell and has truly bonded with our pups at home. Keopi is well loved and in a much better place thanks to Jindo Love Rescue. She’s just over a year of age, and otherwise, very healthy besides thin. She’s already gained 1.5 lbs, several more to go! We love her. Thank you Jindo Love!