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Please adopt our dogs so they don’t lose their smiles.

Meet Timon, Will be heading to a foster soon. Can you open your heart and home to him?

We posted Timon (along with others) as an urgent case in May but no one who has the experience has stepped up willing to take him in. Timon is not doing so well in the foster facility environment and because he is showing signs of weakness and submissiveness, the pack is has been heavily bullying him and it’s getting worse. We are maxed out in rescues and the facility is getting overcrowded. There are too many dogs and they have become so sensitive to their space that they are fighting for it. Unfortunately they are picking on certain dogs and Timon, is one of them. We pride ourselves with having a free roam facility but as anyone would know, maintaining that is not easy especially when the number of dogs are triple the amount of caretakers. Most of them do well in packs, but some are more timid and shy and they do not do so well in crowds and lots of noise . Timon did need vet care and we found something we were not aware of while he was at the vet. When we shaved him to clean up his cuts, it seems that a good portion of his body suffered some sort of burns. We are unsure if this happened at the Dog Meat Farm or before they took him to the slaughter farm. It now makes sense as to why he is shy and extra submissive and is just looking for love and safety. He also did really well at the vet. He allowed the doctors & strangers to care for him & even allowed for them to pet him. The doctors said while they spoke to him and told him he was going to be okay, he listened very intently and trusted them. He does seem more stressed out with all the dogs & noise at the foster home but did really well with the humans that were caring for him as it was a more quiet environment. We are really proud of him . He is such a sweet, calm boy . We want to find a home for Timon that will give him the comfort and love he deserves. If you can open up your heart and home for our precious boy Timon, please PM us on our FB page. If you can’t. That’s okay too but please SHARE his post far and wide .

Yuna is under 2 and still has a playful, happy puppy spirit! She is super sweet and adores people! She is the happiest in the company of humans and loves getting attention and affection! She is great with all people, friends, family or strangers! In fact she is part of the greeting committee if she meets someone new 🥰.   Yuna is okay with other dogs but would most certainly rather be with humans. Usually our dogs magnetize to other dogs first, Yuna though, she’s all about that human love 🥰.   Yuna was rescued 16 months ago and the more crowded it gets the more we can see her smile start to disappear 😔. She gets so happy when she sees a human walking up to her because they don’t come everyday and they have to split their time with all the dogs there. While the human dog ratio are okay for most of the dog savvy dogs, for Yuna who loves the human company, it’s very sad to watch her long for more time with them 😭.   We want Yuna to have a furever family of her home that will give her 24-7 love and attention. We want Yuna to always have that care and affection she craves, and we want her to have a family that will consider her a family member and not just a dog. Yuna deserves all of this and we hope this post will be the one that finds them

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