About Us

At Jindo Love Rescue, we are passionate animal advocates saving the lives of dogs in South Korea. With the help of our team and volunteers, we rescue as many dogs as we can from terrible conditions in South Korea’s dog meat trade, puppy mills, as well as abandoned dogs. We look for perfect, loving homes to send these dogs to in the United States of America.

​Jindo Love Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Click here for more info.

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Meet the Jindo Love Team

Our team is a group of volunteers dedicated to saving the lives of the dogs of Korea from the slaughterhouses and kill shelters. We have no overhead nor do we get paid. Literally, every donation and fee is utilized to save lives.

For Adoption Inquiries, please contact either Patti Kim or Heather Pastore (contact info below):

Su Jeong Kim: Founder

I’ve been involved in rescuing dogs in Korea from the dog meat trade for many years. Without having any knowledge or experience in international adoption, and being new to the Facebook and Social Media world, it had its limits. Then in June of 2015, Patti Kim contacted me offering to help with the adoption of two of my rescues. That was the start of Jindo Love as we’ve averaged 200 dogs a year and over 300 for 2018. As our team has grown with the support of incredible adopters and followers, our mission is to save more lives and prove that a dog meat dog can be a loving pet with a family.

Patti Kim: President

Having rescued many dogs throughout my life, I entered the world of Facebook in late 2014. I accidentally encountered the dog meat trade where I rescued my first slaughterhouse dog in January 2015. After fostering and adopting her out, my heart gravitated towards the helpless victims of torture and living in unimaginable horrible conditions. My life changed when I met Su in June 2015 on Facebook which set our path for Jindo Love. Our mission is to save one life at a time while building our adoptive family with love and support for one another even after adoption.

Heather Pastore: Vice President

In the Spring of 2016 I learned about Yulin and followed Marc Ching. I worked tirelessly contacting US House Representatives to pass laws to ban the dog and cat meat trade. At the end of 2016, I was looking to help dogs rescued from the trade in other countries and fell in love with the work Jindo Love was doing to get dogs to loving homes in the US. I called Patti around Christmas that year and the rest is history.

Jeong Kim-Leon: Secretary

Jeong Leon learned about Jindo Love as she was looking to adopt a pup. The process was so easy and the ladies were so full of love, she started becoming more active with the group. First she helped with applications and then became more involved with the adoption process. Now she works behind the scenes with the financial aspects of maintaining JLR’s non-profit status. Jeong is a mother of two, living in Southern California.

Brittany Storm Jobe: Adoption Assistant

I stumbled upon Jindo Love while looking for a partner in crime for my Shiba Inu. While looking for Shiba Inu rescues on Facebook, I happened to find Ariel and Dorothy’s post, which brought me to Jindo Love. I found the cutest puppy named “Aslan”, whose adopter had just fallen through, and I was instantly in love. I was proud of Jindo Love’s work, the dogs’ journeys, and loved the experience of talking with the team. The day I picked Hige up (Aslan), it was an exciting and an emotional experience that I will never forget. I wanted to share that experience with everyone and wanted to help more dogs get homes. I shared as many as I could on Facebook and in my own Shiba group. I later fostered a Jindo boy named Remy, and adopted a Corgi girl from Jindo Love. On August 29, 2018 I became a part of the team! My love of animals brought me to opening a pet accessory company called Kahl’s Designs, so you can say my life revolves around animals! My daughter, boyfriend, furbabies, and I reside in Phoenix, AZ.

CHELSEA POLSON: adoption assistant

Chelsea Polson lives in Philadelphia, PA with her husband and three rescue dogs (two of which came from Jindo Love Rescue!) After connecting with Jindo Love to adopt in 2018, Chelsea joined the adoption team and has been assisting with adoption interviews and social media management ever since. Chelsea is passionate about working as an advocate for all dogs both in the US and overseas.

claire clarke: special projects coordinator

Claire Clarke lives in sunny Las Vegas with her husband and rescues. Her husband lived in South Korea for several years, where the couple learned about the horrors of the dog meat trade. After settling back in the United States, they started following different groups and organizations that worked to find homes for these incredible animals. They chose to adopt through Jindo Love after seeing the passion and tireless commitment the team has for saving dogs. Claire works on behind-the-scenes projects for the organization.

Supporting Team Members

Elizabeth Germain – Finance Coordinator
Jessica Torentino – Twitter Curator
Michael “Hoho” Hogan – Instagram Curator
Liana DiRamio – Website Curator
Enrique Gamboa – training adventures for Los Angeles dogs

Special Thanks

Foster moms/rescue team in Korea: Saving lives and loving/nurturing them back to health

Dirk Schubert: Generous donations and relentless support of our mission (5 adoptions)

Joanne Mary: Adopting out dogs; fostering; emergency support; NY area team member

Amanda St. Andrea & Fino: 2 adoptions; fostering; Seattle support

Mindy Dozier: Fostering; adopting a traumatized dog.

Elizabeth Germain: General donations; 4 adoptions

Lisa Brown: Adopting 3 of our emergency/traumatized dogs

Brandi Piacente: Generous donations and 2 adoptions: flying to Korea for the mom dog

Winnie Poo Ma: Connecting us to Maltese Rescue and helping with communication/coordination

Maltese Rescue: Taking 16 puppy mill dogs rescued in March 2018

Enrique Gamboa (Los Angeles) – training/fostering

Ben Dunham (Arizona) – training assistance for 2 of our dogs

Tatiana Celis: Generous Donation and adopting

Soo Han-Kim: General donations and adopting

Joanne Nickell: 2 adoptions

Nicole Piligian & Tammy Roe: Saving Hana from shelter

Michelle Kim: Fostering Hana

Marcie Garn: Rescuing our Goldies/ so wonderful to work with

Amanda Martin: Retired JL team member

Franca Ortiz Rogriguez: Retired JL team member

Wagging Tails Rescue: Saving so many lives with us

Jaimie Barnaba Prespero (Wagging Tails) – Too amazing for words having compassion for older dogs

In Defense of Animals, Marilyn Kroplick, President: Helped with 7 emergency rescues in 2016 and now joined efforts with Jindo Love to save more lives starting 2018.

Fleur Dawes (IDA) – Adopting Judy; joining efforts with our team

Sharon Stone: Hope Animal Sanctuary (IDA) adoption of 6 rescues/2 traumatized dogs still at rescue