Do you only have Jindo dogs for adoption?
Though many of the dogs we have available are Jindos, we have a variety of other breeds and mixes for adoption. This includes: Labs, Shiba Inus, Corgis, German Shepherds, Shih Tzus, Sapsarees, Huskies, Poodles, etc.

Are the breeds 100% pure?
We have no way to validate the exact breed of any of our dogs as we are NOT a breeder. The best we can do is have the vet assess their physical characteristics to determine the breed/mixture and estimated size.  

What is the Adoption Process?
Here are the Steps:

1.) Choose an available dog you would like to adopt
2.) Contact us via Facebook Messenger

3.) Let them know the closest airport you’re willing to pick up (more info on airports available for pickup below) 
4.) Interview/Screening Process
We want to make sure that you are a perfect match for your selected dog! Here is the information we are looking to find more about:

  • General Adoption Questions:
    • Information about your home, lifestyle, experience with dogs
  • Two references

Prompt/eager communication is a big plus for us and everyone involved (i.e. anyone living in the household) need to be in the group interview.
5.) Formal Application 
6.) Formal Adoption Approval/Denial
7.) If Approved, Payment Is Due
8.) We coordinate the flight from South Korea to the US for the dogs to travel to their forever homes! We look for the next availability with our couriers traveling to your selected airport with a direct flight from Seoul.
Please be aware the flight days and times for delivery of the dogs are based on the schedules of our volunteer couriers.
9.) Pick up your pup at the airport!

What are you looking for in an adopter?
​We want our rescued dogs to have a loving forever home. Having said that, it starts with the dedication of the family members, life style, and knowing the dog will be a part of the family.  Dogs cannot be an outside dog or confined/isolated from the family.  The ‘feel’ for a home is very important to us combined with your dog experience and patience empowered by love and understanding of their previous lives.  Please don’t be offended by any questions that we might ask since it’s only to help with adoption. We do not judge your lifestyle, as long as our dog is taken care of and loved as a member of the family. If we feel that the dog is not a match with your family or need to cancel the adoption, we will let you know.

Where are the dogs rescued from?
Most of our dogs are rescued from the dog meat trade, but we also save dogs that are in kill shelters, puppy mills, as well as abandoned and strays in South Korea.

What happens once the dogs are rescued?
After the dogs are rescued, they are brought to our foster home in South Korea where they are taken care of by our amazing foster parents. We do not kennel our dogs – they are in a group setting and are socialized. They are also evaluated by our veterinarians and vaccinated. The dogs will stay at our foster home until they are adopted.

Is there a quarantine period for the rescued dogs?
All dogs are quarantined for 30-days in Korea after the first rabies shot is given. 

What vaccinations, tests and treatments are given to the dogs?

  • Vaccinations:
    • Rabies, 3x DHPP, 2x Canine Flu, 2x Kennel Cough
  • Giardia are also treated
  • Older dogs are tested for Heartworm
  • Puppies are tested for parvo/distemper
  • We also do a 4DX kit test for some dogs which include:
    • Canis, Phagocytophilum, Lyme Disease, and Heartworm

Where do you send the dogs to? Is it only the United States?
As of right now, we only send dogs to the United States. We typically only send to airport locations with direct flights from Seoul, South Korea. However, locations and flight availability are based on the travel schedule of our couriers. 

Airports We Fly To:
United States:                            
Atlanta (ATL)                               
Chicago (ORD)                           
Dallas (DFW)
Los Angeles (LAX)                     
New York (JFK)
San Francisco (SFO)                  
Seattle (SEA)
Washington, DC (Dulles) (IAD)

What is the turn-around time for coordinating the flight?
Once the adoption is confirmed, we typically can find a courier within a month. They are volunteers (couriers) and we have no control of the flight schedule. JFK and LAX airports are the easiest in terms of finding a courier but sometimes, it takes a while as well. We look every day and our mission is to get the dogs to their forever home as soon as possible. When the flight is offered, we will always ask you if the date/time works for you. All this is communicated in the group interview every step of the way.

It seems like it would be a long flight for a dog. Is it safe for them to fly?
All dogs are provided food and water for their flight, and we do our best to ensure safe travels with the help of our couriers. We also advise all new owners to spend time after their long flight for them to walk around and stretch. For these dogs, the flight is worth it in the long run if it means it’s bringing them to a safe and loving home. These dogs are tougher than we give them credit! ​

What should I bring with me when I pick up my dog at the airport?

  • Baby wipes (sometimes the dogs will soil themselves in the crate)
  • Leash
  • Collar or harness (recommended)
  • Water & bowl
  • Dry food
  • Treats
  • Pocket knife or scissors (to cut the zip ties and crate on the dog’s crate)
  • Clean towels/blankets. 

What is the process for picking up the dog at the airport?
If the dogs fly with a courier (volunteer who flies with the dog), they will come out with your dog at the arrival terminal of international flights. If flown via cargo, you will need to go to a separate cargo building at the airport to get the dog. During the interview process, we will walk you through all the details. 

  • You can let the dog out but will need something to cut the plastic band tied to keep the crate safe (which is why the pocket knife or scissors comes in handy)  
  • Usually, there’s an area outside the airport for the to relieve themselves.  Take the dog there and let them decompress for at least 30 minutes before heading back home
  • During decompression, they’ll need to have some water/food as well since they’re not fed 12 hours prior to flight plus approx. 15 hours in the crate 
  • The Crate the dog comes in: These are purchased in Korea and are yours to keep.
    • Please note: This crate should NOT to be used for crating the dog, unless it’s used for a comfort zone after arrival or short periods of crating during training.
  • Most dogs prefer to sit in the back seat out of the crate on their way home.

For Dogs Flying VIA Courier:

  • Pickup is in the Arrival terminal
  • Make a bag with these items listed above (except blankets) and take it with you when you go to meet the courier
  • Dogs will clear customs INSIDE the baggage area with the passenger (approx. 1 hour process).
  • When the courier walks out with the dog, don’t forget to get the vet papers from the courier. The papers may also be attached to the crate.

For Dogs Flying VIA Cargo

  • Pickup is at a separate Cargo Building (Dog will arrive at the airline Cargo office – NOT the passenger arrival)

**If it’s a hot day, it helps to pack the water in an ice chest to keep it cool. It’ll take up to 3 hours for the dogs to clear customs and sometimes (the water gets warm).  

  • Process can take up to 3 hours:
    • 1 hour to unload
    • 1 hour to process papers and clear customs  (maybe more for delays)
    • Cargo office will let you know where to go to clear customs (another approx. 1 hour wait) 
  • Cargo dept will charge a fee approximately $50 – $70 (cash/check) and check with the cargo office prior to picking up the dogs.