We adopted Gin from Jindo Love in May of 2017. She is literally the best dog in the entire world, with no exaggeration. It doesn’t hurt that she’s my favorite (shhhh…don’t tell my other dogs that). From the moment we brought her home, it was just so clear that she was meant to be with us. She is the glue to our family and wears many hats— from wrestling and running like a lunatic with her two 70lb Husky-mix sisters, to gently grooming our little 11 year old Chihuahua, and cuddling happily with our 3 cats. One of my favorite things about her is how athletic and capable she is while we hike— she plows through snow taller than her, crosses glacial streams, walks along log bridges, jumps any fallen trees we come across, calmly allows us to lift and lower her for drops while we are in canyoneering, and has even climbed a ladder in a Utah slot when none of our other dogs could without assistance. Gin honestly amazes me everyday, and I love how much she enjoys being outside, and exploring the great outdoors. She has been such an amazing off leash companion sticking right to my side, and always is the first to check on me and make sure I’m doing okay. She was easily trained and knows a huge variety of cute tricks like, “wave”, “roll-over”, and “spin”. I can not thank Jindo Love enough for trusting us with adopting such a special little dog, she truly is my heart and I can’t recommend Jindo Love enough!


Mr. Marbles

This adorable snowball is Mr. Marbles. I’ve wanted a dog for a while, and in 2020 I felt a new loneliness. With the lockdown it all seemed right so I began my search. It was hard! I guess I was kinda picky, wanting a Pomeranian that was young but not a puppy, and a RESCUE. I got ignored by a lot of places for being young and living in an apartment, but I kept my search. When I found Jindo Love it was perfect- almost too perfect. Everyone thought I was crazy adopting a dog from KOREA! But the ladies at JLR were all so responsive helpful and they listened to me and my story. I had a gut feeling that this was it. They actually ended up adopting the dog I wanted out to someone else (who is lovely btw), and said “actually we have another for you”. I was ecstatic that they still considered me. Marbles was a shy little guy with a skin condition that they were still treating so he was never listed for adoption, but I was patient and waited for him. I flew from FL to NY to pick him up and it was love at first sight. Since then marbles and I have been attached at the hip. He is the perfect dog for me. I was honestly worried about adopting a dog I had never met- it was obviously possible we wouldn’t vibe (I also have a cat). But I think the people at JLR fundamentally understood who I am and what I wanted/needed because Marbles is the perfect match for me. I’m forever grateful to JLR for the amazing work they do, and I’m so happy to be a part of the Jindo Love Family. ❤️



At this very moment I am rotating between throwing Honey’s little pink dinosaur toy for her that she keeps shoving into my lap, laughing as she shakes it back and forth while she and her brother chase each other, and typing this. I think even that is a perfect example of how much joy she and Jindo Love Rescue (JLR) have brought into our lives. We adopted our first Korean Jindo mix from a different rescue organization about two years ago, but before even bringing him home, we knew we would eventually want him to have a sibling. As we learned and grew as dog parents, we began to follow many other Korean dog rescues on social media, including JLR.

When we moved from an apartment into our first home, we knew it was time for puppy number two, but weren’t in a rush because we knew she had to be the perfect fit for our family. One night, I was scrolling through Facebook when the sweetest face caught my eye – Honey! I showed her to my fiancé, Jon, and we both immediately knew that she was the one. I sent a message to JLR that very night and connected with Patti and Lauren, who were both wonderful at guiding me through the application process. I could definitely tell that they truly care about the well-being of the dogs and make every effort to place them into the best fit home, which was great to see! Once approved, we received constant pictures, updates, and reminders leading up to when we picked Honey up at the JFK airport. During the first couple of weeks (and to date), they continued to offer support, showing the love and care for the dogs.

From the very moment we brought Honey home, she and her older brother Chief became best friends and today are absolutely inseparable. Every day they run, play, cuddle, and are truly our greatest pride and joy. I can’t imagine our lives now without the two of them, and I will always appreciate the love and care that JLR gave Honey before she came home to us – our vet even complimented JLR on Honey’s health and vaccinations records during her first visit! She also came to us very well socialized and gets along wonderfully with both people and dogs. I could continue to sing JLR’s praises all day, but in a nutshell… between the love, care, and dedication to the animals, and the incredible adopter’s community (we are connected to Honey’s biological brother and mother’s adopters on social media!), Jindo Love Rescue is everything you could possibly want to see in a dog rescue.


Nahla & Olive

I’ve often times thought of ways that I can help fight the dog meat trade. There is no better way to save a dog than to adopt one! I started to research and found Jindo love rescue and immediately became obsessed with what they are doing. After browsing their page of available dogs I quickly became attached to a beautiful jindo mix that would soon become “Olive”. In July 2019 the amazing people with JLR worked tirelessly in the middle of the night to save 28 dogs that were en route to a dog meat festival. Olive, along with her siblings were about to get their 2nd chance at life. Everyone at JLR were amazing with helping us understand the adoption process, and were available to answer every question I had. Olive arrived in Chicago February 2020 and was the best thing that has ever happened to our family. She is the sweetest, happiest, and goofiest addition to our household and I can’t imagine life without her. We were so happy with our experience that we decided to adopt from them again, and welcomed “Nahla” into our lives. These volunteers put their entire lives into saving dogs, and it shows with every dog they rescue. I’ve never met a group of people that care about their rescues as much as Jindo Love. I am forever grateful to be a part of the Jindo Love Family! ❤️

Megan and Joshua


Jindo Love Rescue rescued Pikachu and many other dogs from a puppy mill in 2018. We adopted him and he arrived to LAX from South Korea on July 10, 2020. When he arrived, he had all his vaccinations up to date and even had dental work done and his teeth cleaned. He was quite shy at first because he had a hard life up until then, but after showing him love and care, he came out of his shell and is now a loving, playful, very affectionate dog who gets along with everyone and all other pets! I can’t show enough appreciation to Jindo Love Rescue for all they do to keep the dogs healthy and find them loving homes. I am so grateful they gave me the opportunity to be Pikachu’s mom, he is truly the sweetest dog I have ever met! ❤️



Brady was adopted in June 2016. I drove to JFK Airport in New York to get him. I love him to the moon and back. Thank you to everyone at Jindo Love, specifically Patty Kim and Heather Pastore for all your help!



Juno was adopted in September 2018 after being rescued from a slaughter house in South Korea. She is the sweetest dog I have ever owned. In the short time that I have had her, I cannot imagine my life without her. It’s really a unique experience getting a Jindo from South Korea. It’s a breed that not a lot of people in the US have much knowledge about, so it’s great to have a community to support you along the way. The first few months have been challenging for Juno, as she had some health issues and she still struggles with being alone, but the support that we received from the staff and fellow adopters has been very helpful. ​Everyone just lights up when they see her, and I would not replace her for the world. I’m hoping we can train her to become a certified therapy dog in the future.



Grace was rescued initially when she was a pup, but unfortunately her owner a year later passed away. She was sad for weeks and didn’t want to eat, and therefore lost a lot of weight. She was found again by Jindo Love, who previously rescued her, and contacted us to foster her. We worked hard to make her feel loved again and nursed her back to health. They as they say, we “failed” as fosters since we adopted her as own own after fostering her. She is happy and healthy now, and it goes to show how Jindo Love cares for all of their dogs. ​We love Grace dearly and she has changed our lives for the better. Her struggles don’t even compare to what anyone should ever go through.



We Adopted Keopi In September 2018 and She arrived into LAX on October 12, 2018. She had been rescued from the back of a truck in a kennel with 5 other dogs on the way to the meat market. Jindo Love rescued her, and shortly thereafter, we adopted her. She received her vaccinations, was spayed, checked for heartworm and tick diseases, and cleared for transport to myself and my husband for pick up at LAX. She has been a work in progress as she is afraid of men, but has bonded with me so far and my husband loves her and is being very patient and loving towards her when she lets him. She loves eating which is great as she needs to gain weight. Based on her size, she was definitely stunted from her poor treatment at the hands of the meat trade, but she is coming out of her shell and has truly bonded with our pups at home. Keopi is well loved and in a much better place thanks to Jindo Love Rescue. She’s just over a year of age, and otherwise, very healthy besides thin. She’s already gained 1.5 lbs, several more to go! We love her. Thank you Jindo Love!



Romeo was adopted in November 2018 and came to us in December 2018. He was abandoned at a campsite and brought to a kill shelter. Even though this was my first time adopting from Jindo Love, I’ve known them since 2015.  I know for a fact that they truly dedicate their lives in rescuing and finding good homes for the dogs. The love they have for them is beyond words. I am very blessed and grateful to have known such a  wonderful rescue group.