At this very moment I am rotating between throwing Honey’s little pink dinosaur toy for her that she keeps shoving into my lap, laughing as she shakes it back and forth while she and her brother chase each other, and typing this. I think even that is a perfect example of how much joy she and Jindo Love Rescue (JLR) have brought into our lives. We adopted our first Korean Jindo mix from a different rescue organization about two years ago, but before even bringing him home, we knew we would eventually want him to have a sibling. As we learned and grew as dog parents, we began to follow many other Korean dog rescues on social media, including JLR.

When we moved from an apartment into our first home, we knew it was time for puppy number two, but weren’t in a rush because we knew she had to be the perfect fit for our family. One night, I was scrolling through Facebook when the sweetest face caught my eye – Honey! I showed her to my fiancé, Jon, and we both immediately knew that she was the one. I sent a message to JLR that very night and connected with Patti and Lauren, who were both wonderful at guiding me through the application process. I could definitely tell that they truly care about the well-being of the dogs and make every effort to place them into the best fit home, which was great to see! Once approved, we received constant pictures, updates, and reminders leading up to when we picked Honey up at the JFK airport. During the first couple of weeks (and to date), they continued to offer support, showing the love and care for the dogs.

From the very moment we brought Honey home, she and her older brother Chief became best friends and today are absolutely inseparable. Every day they run, play, cuddle, and are truly our greatest pride and joy. I can’t imagine our lives now without the two of them, and I will always appreciate the love and care that JLR gave Honey before she came home to us – our vet even complimented JLR on Honey’s health and vaccinations records during her first visit! She also came to us very well socialized and gets along wonderfully with both people and dogs. I could continue to sing JLR’s praises all day, but in a nutshell… between the love, care, and dedication to the animals, and the incredible adopter’s community (we are connected to Honey’s biological brother and mother’s adopters on social media!), Jindo Love Rescue is everything you could possibly want to see in a dog rescue.